Friday, November 15, 2013

Reflections | 01

I thought I'd post an old picture because 1.) It ties in with the title and 2.) I actually haven't posted a picture of myself in a while. So here I am, not looking at the camera!

Here are some of my reflections today:
1. It's okay to be alone. I often joke that I am going to be single forever which honestly is not okay with me. But it is okay to be alone. It's important to learn who you are and become stronger on your own. In order to love someone else, you must first love yourself.

2. Make your decisions confidently. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Sometimes we base our decisions on other people's opinions. If you're having trouble making a tough decision pray and seek God's blessing on the situation, and be at peace with your decision. 

3. Enjoy the little things. Take time to stop and appreciate the world around you. Appreciate silence, flowers, and stars. Appreciate a long drink of water after a hard run and the feeling of getting into bed after a long day.

4. Do what makes you happy, even if it seems silly to someone else. If dressing up and doing your make up makes you happy, do it as often as you can. If starting a blog even though you know not many people will ever read it gives you a sense of accomplishment, do it. Allow yourself to overcome the negativity in your life. Whether it is coming from someone else or from you. Clothes, hair, and make up may be considered superficial, but it is what I love and it brings me joy!


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