Monday, November 18, 2013



Oxblood is quickly becoming my favorite color this season. In fact, I think it's becoming everyone's favorite color.
Even Mr. Gosling has jumped on board!

Oxblood is the perfect color because it goes with almost anything(but I like it best with black), and it can be worn in the form of clothing, accessories, nail polish, or lipstick. So I decided the other day I would jump on trend and wear the fall favorite. 
I've had this Eddie Bauer jacket for a long time and have never worn it, mostly because I've never particularly liked it. But it was actually really cute and really warm! And my nail polish(Bahama Mama by Essie) just happened to match, which made me really happy. 
This afternoon, I met a friend of mine for lunch at Bank Street and tried their turkey spinach wrap which was super good! I also returned my Eno and got one that was a bit bigger. Yay! 

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